Houw Hoek Inn – Grabouw

houw hoek inn grabouw accommodation

I dragged my husband off for a night away at Houw Hoek Inn, situated in Grabouw.

The Houw Hoek Inn, built in 1779, is the oldest licensed hotel in South Africa. There is a mixing of old and new which has been done sympathetically and stepping through the door means stepping back in history.

Arriving at 2pm on Saturday, we had some delicious lunch. From now on, when we drive past, we will be stopping for lunch. After raving about lunch, we had a walk around the grounds. Again, this is a good mixture of old and new with old trees and manicured lawns.

We had booked for the Saturday Night Dinner and Dance, which is like a religion for the returning guests. Dinner consists of three courses, two served at your table and a buffet dessert. The dance starts at roughly 7:30pm and continues until about midnight.

Afterwards we headed off to our room, and pretty much collapsed for the night.

houw hoek inn grabouw accommodation

Awake very early on Sunday morning, we had our first two cups of coffee on the balcony. It gave us an opportunity to watch the rising sun and actually talk to one another without distractions. The accommodation is bed and breakfast, with breakfast being a buffet. We went in search of bacon at 7am.

The staff is friendly and professional, with long memories. They still remembered me from when I used to stay with my ex-husband. My previous wedding was held at Houw Hoek Inn, and I can strongly recommend it as a wedding venue.

Although just a one night away from home and the responsibilities aka pugs, we made the most of the time with one another. If you are looking for some refinement in your life, this is the place to come to recharge your batteries.

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