Kleinkloof Farm – Piketberg

Kleinkloof Farm, Picketberg

To celebrate our wedding anniversary (3 years) and to take advantage of the long weekend, we went away to Kleinkloof Farm, just outside of Piketberg. Just 2 hours outside of Cape Town. From the little I can tell it is mostly an olive farm, and the views are breathtaking.

Our journey to Kleinkloof Farm, Piketberg, was a meandering one. We left Cape Town on Thursday morning, arriving just after lunch time. And if you are in that part of the world, I can recommend the vetkoek at Du Vlei Farmstall and Restaurant. They are pug / dog friendly. The food is tasty and plentiful.

Our cottage was in a cluster of three cottages, and all three were originally labourer cottages. The furnishings were gorgeous and the views unbelievable.

Our first night was spent making ourselves at home, and unpacking the clothes and food. And then the weather turned … Read the rest

Platbos Farm – Gaansbaai (2020)

Tree in front our suite at sunrise.

My sister and I had initially booked this weekend for May 2020, but that didn’t happen due to the lock down. We rescheduled for August 2020 and landed up having an awesome weekend at Platbos Farm, just outside of Gaansbaai.

Platbos Farm is an eco friendly farm, which means it is completely off the grid i.e. no electricity. We selected the Bush Buck Suite, as it had a flushing toilet. Some of the sites have more environmentally friendly composting toilets.

Bush Buck Suite Platbos Farm Gaansbaai
Bush Buck Suite

The drive from the Southern Suburbs took us approximately 4 hours along the coastal road. This included a lunch in Hermanus. Platbos Farm is a self catering venue so we traveled with all the groceries we would need. This in turn turned out to be more than we needed.

We arrived at 2pm and were pleasantly surprised at the … Read the rest

Valentines Day – 2020

This year I have gone a bit creative with Valentine’s Day. There is something in the air, and it may have to do with my goals / plans for 2020.

We aren’t typically a romantic couple because we don’t do cards or flowers and this may be a hang up from our respective past relationships. For this reason we try to keep it low key with few expectations.

I do try at times to bring a bit of spice into our romantically lives and I still smile at the though of the discussion we had about DateFactory. This is a service that delivers a date in a box to your door. The horror on my husband’s face at the cost associated with said box was hilarious. I thought for Valentine’s Day, that I would give on of their digital dates a try for fraction of the cost, and only … Read the rest

Wedding Quilt Guest Book

wedding quilt guest book
The well wishes from our family and friends made into a quilt.

Although together for 6 years, this September I have been married for two years to my wonderful second husband. I was so keen to have a different wedding, and one that spoke to us and of us.

Instead of a standard guest book, that I knew we would never look at ever again, I decided on a visual representation of our family and friends wishes and decided on a quilt.

A wedding quilt guest book!

Another project to the list of growing projects for our wedding. My then fiance busied himself in cutting up the material into squares. He muttered the whole time about how silly it is. I think he rather enjoyed seeing the end product.

It has taken me two years, but I finally and eventually got around to sewing it together. There is still the … Read the rest

Imperfectly Perfect

In 2013 my mother suggested I enter the POWA request for stories for their anthology series. Below is what I submitted and although accepted, my story never reached print.

I can state with pride that I am imperfectly perfect.  It has taken a good number of years before I can say that I have reached this point.  My self-esteem has been trampled and my self-worth left in tatters.  This year is the year that I walked away from my ten year relationship and five of those years we were married.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make and I have doubted myself on many an occasion.  Like many in my situation the thought of leaving the known for the unknown was a daunting task.  And really did I have it so bad that I needed to leave?  I have asked myself whether my decision was an emotionally based decision.  And … Read the rest

My Miscarriage and Divorce Experience


I filed for divorce in 2013 after my miscarriage.

I had met my previous husband in 2003, moved in with him in 2006. We were then married in 2008. and I now call it my 10 year mistake. There were warning signs that I didn’t take heed of or that I thought I could overcome. Turns out that I wasn’t strong enough.

My therapist is curious why I don’t discuss this period of my life, and why I shy away from disclosing my feelings / emotions during the time of the divorce. If I were to label the over-riding emotion, it would be sadness and disappointment. Disappointment in myself and with him.

No one marries with the intention of dissolving their marriage. And all I keep saying to myself is that I tried, I really tried to make it work, I really tried to put him first, I really tried … Read the rest